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08/24/10 05:50am

Hi there

Let f[{x1_,x2_,x3_}]:=... .

When I evaluate the function as f[{1,1,1}] it returns me a value (like 4.231)

When I try to evaluate the function as f[{a,b,c}], the Kernel does a big effort and don't give me a result in a satisfactory time (I abort meanwhile). That's because the function is a little bit messy, with a lot of transformations.

However, when I try to compute
the Kernel don't even print the first "hi". I assume the Kernel got stuck in the first evaluation of the type f[{a,b,c}], when trying to migrate the function f to the function FindMinimum.

How can I bypass this? (changing f or the input I put in FindMinimum)

Thank you very much,

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