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09/07/10 02:18am

Dear Sirs!
I am a beginner user of both Mathematica and webMathematica.I have developed simple application such as multiplying two user-defined numbers, dividing them etc.But when i moved on, I realised something;webMathematica could not possibly do this :-
As you can see I have four input variables.
and i have to use them in four different formulas.Fine;But when i want to store the result of the First Formula,webMathematica displays the unevaluated value instead of evaluating it.

for eg.
$$D is 2
$$Ri is 3
$$Kr is 1
$$ri is 2

and the formula for page variable "b" is "($$D/2)-$$ri"

Whenever i use "b" anywhere i get "-1*2+2*0.5" instead of getting straightforward "-1".

Please clarify How to acheive the evaluated value of page variable "b".

P.S My Source File Is Included

When i use variable "b"

Attachment: PressureVessel.jsp, URL:,
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