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09/14/10 11:51am

Hi - I have a function shearcomponent[x_]:=Integrate[(492-66x-0.5*x^2+x^5/5^5)/(8 - log(x+1))^3,x]

and another similar function, which includes a 'Cx' term.

I then want to solve for C, where x=15 and the result is 0, so I say:

which should give a number. But the result contains "log^6" and "1.log", and other powers of log (not log(some number) or log(some variable), just log).

I have tried //N at the end of my statement to approximate the answer, but it doesn't work.

I just want a number! What do "log^6" and "1.log" mean?

Thank you

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