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09/15/10 10:18pm

I want to produce a bifurcation diagram to represent eqilibria points of p1 using the data obtained from the following code, where pn1, pn2, pn3 are recrusion exquations. i.e. x-axis will be the paramter t (ranging from 0-0.3) and y-axis will be the values of p1 this code produces.

series = {};
For[i = 0, i ≤ 300, ++i,
p1sol = Sort[
p1 /. NSolve[{pn1 == 0, pn2 == 0, pn3 == 0} /.
t -> i/1000.0, {p1, p2, p3}]];
series = Join[p1series, {Join[{i/1000.0}, p1sol]}]]

Thanks if you can help me.

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bifurcation diagram JL 09/15/10 10:18pm
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