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09/16/10 3:39pm


I was using RecurrenceTable for a 2D form.

The problem arises when I try to implement the recurrence with respect to previous rows - i.e 3rd row depends on 2nd row and the second row. So in this case I need to initiate both the first and the second rows. However Mathematica only allows only 1 argument and not two. So if I use :

test2 = RecurrenceTable[{s1[n, k] ==
s1[n - 1, k - 1] + k*s1[n - 1, k + 1] + s1[n - 2, k],
s1[1, k] == 1, s1[2, k] == 2}, s1, {n, 1, 6}, {k, 1, 4}] // Grid

I get the error :

Head called with 2 arguments; 1 argument is expected. >>

Is there anyway I can get around this issue. An example notebook has also been attached.

Many thanks,

Attachment: RecurrenceTable_eg.nb, URL: ,

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