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09/19/10 10:04pm

I would like to generate a bifurcation plot displaying the parameter t on the x axis, varying from 0 to 0.95 and the corresponding values of e1. My code below does what I want (I think) but is plotting all the different points on different graphs (all 950 of them!). How can I get it to plot on the same graph? Thanks

For[i = 0, i ≤ 950, ++i,
ListPlot[e1 /. NSolve[{equ1 == 0, equ2 == 0, equ3 == 0}
/. t -> i/1000.0, {e1, e2, e3}]]]

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plot help Al 09/19/10 10:04pm
Re: plot help yehuda ben-s... 09/22/10 01:24am
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