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03/12/99 5:09pm

One can find all the possible solutions to a set of equation with Reduce[ bar..bra...].
Consider a following input
----> Reduce[A Exp[-k] k-3B==0,{A,B}]
Running the above expression, Mathematica makes a error with a message
--->Exp[k] is not a valid variable..bra..bra..
and then shows outputs below.
----> k == 0 && Roots[E^k == 0, E^k] ||
k !=0 && A == (B E^k)/k ||
E^k !=0 && B == 0 && k == 0 End of output...
Can k=0 and Exp[k]=0 are satisfied simultaneously? No, (Mathematica v 3.0)
Mathematica version 2.2 does not give any error messages and makes the unconvincing outputs as noted above.
How can I solve this problem?

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