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09/24/10 00:37am

the first integratal integrates x w/ respect to x and substitutes values to get to y/2 but stops there. It does not go on to integrate y/2 w/ respect to y and substitute those values to get a final output of 3/4. The integration below the first is just the around about way of getting to what I thought the first integration should have done. where did I go wrong????

Integrate[x, {x, 0, Sqrt[y]}, {y, 1, 2}]

Integrate[x, x]
((x^2/2) /. x -> Sqrt[y]) - ((x^2/2) /. x -> 0) // Simplify
Integrate[y/2, y]
((y^2/4) /. y -> 2) - ((y^2/4) /. y -> 1)

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integration ray 09/24/10 00:37am
Re: integration Forum Modera... 09/24/10 11:33am
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