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09/25/10 4:51pm

I have to correct my previous post.
I have tried with this instruction:

ListPlot[Table[{A,B//. FindRoot[(Equation//. {B->X}), {X, 1}, MaxIterations -> 1000]}, {X, 0.1, 1.2, 0.000001}], PlotRange -> {0, 1.2}]

The result are some curves (the solutions of the equation), that in some domain region (i.e. for A in the interval [0.8-1.2]) are almost continuous as I need, while in other domain region (A in [0.1-0.8]) are constitute of some isolated points or segments.

I think that FindRoot with specified initial value fails to find the root for B in correspondence to some values of A.

Is there a numerical function to improve the plot?
Thanks in advance.

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Equation Frank 09/24/10 5:52pm
Re: Equation Frank 09/25/10 4:51pm
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