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09/26/10 09:03am

I am fairly new at mathematica and I am having trouble putting together the code that will do a bunch of operations on some equations all at once.

Basically I want to be able to enter two equations of two variables,
click shift enter and mathematica will give me the determinant of the jacobian, then plug in an equation for one of the variables in those equations that i've defined, then plug in values for all the constants and give me the output.

Ive done all this step by step.. enter the equations, solve the partial derivatives, enter them into a matrix, get the determinant, define the equation I want to plug in then solve with all the variables, but I feel like there should be an easier way so I don't have to repeat all these steps for other equations I may want to enter.


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automation? Anthony 09/26/10 09:03am
Re: automation? toen 09/28/10 11:29am
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