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Elio Cecchetto
03/14/99 7:39pm

I have the following differential equation to solve in the functions th[z] and phi[z].
As first I used the EulerEquations to expand the differential equation in two of them. But then I can't introduce boundary conditions in two different points at the same time.

where L,k1,k2,k3,Ea and V are all fixed parameters

(k1 Cos [th[z]]^2+k3 Sin[th[z]]^2)/2 th'[z]^2+
1/2 Cos[th[z]]^2(k2 Cos[th[z]]^2+k3 Sin[th[z]]^2)phi'[z]^2
- Ea V^2/(8Pi) Sin[th[z]]^2 == 0

Do anyone have any suggest?
Probably the solution is trivial, but I do not get it!


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