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10/01/10 07:23am

I try to solve this system:
I try to do it with rsolve:
RSolve[{V[n + 1] == Max[1/2*(V[n] + W[n]), W[n] - 1],
W[n + 1] == 2 + 1/5*V[n] + 4/5*W[n], V[0] == 0, W[0] == 0}, {V[n],
W[n]}, n]
But it just gives the same as output, what am i doing wrong?
I think it has something to do with the Max[a,b] function in it, how can i solve this?
ps mathematica 7.0

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Rsolve, multiple equations Herbert 10/01/10 07:23am
Re: Rsolve, multiple equations Forum Modera... 10/05/10 11:58am
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