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Georgios Vasilakis
10/03/10 3:13pm

I want to solve the system of pdes:

D[Pn[x, y], x, x] + D[Pn[x, y], y, y] - kn*Pn[x, y] + Rne*Pe[x, y] == 0
D[Pe[x, y], x, x] + D[Pe[x, y], y, y] - (ke + Re[x, y])*Pe[x, y] +
Ren*Pn[x, y] + Re[x, y] == 0

with boundary conditions Pe[x,1]==Pe[x,0]==Pe[0,y]==Pe[1,y]==0, D[Pn[x,y],y]/.y->0==D[Pn[x,y],y]/.y->1,D[Pn[x,y],x]/.x->1,D[Pn[x,y],x]/.x->0==0

kn,ke,Rne,Ren are known constants and Re[x,y] is a known function of x and z.

NDSolve does not seem to work. Is there a way to numerically solve the system of pdes?

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