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10/11/10 8:06pm

We were given a problem in Mathematica, with which I have all of one week of experience, regarding the Bessel equation, which we haven't covered at all. The problem is as follows:
Graph the partial sums Sn(x) of the Bessel function of order 1 i.e., graph the fifth, tenth, fifteenth, and twentieth partial sums together with the built-in function, BesselJ[1,x] on the same screen. Do the partial sums approximate the Bessel function better with increasing n ? On what interval do the partial sums converge fastest?

I have no idea where to begin with my questions. I guess the question at the base is "How on earth do I do this?" At this point, I would like to know a general idea of what I need to program to get the answer; failing that, an explanation of the Bessel equation would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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