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10/13/10 12:51pm

Few questions:

1) is there a way to set the precision of the numbers globally, without having to SetPrecision[] for each individual parameter in an equation or expression?

2) why do the numerical results of an expression get worse (roundoff perhaps?) when I increase WorkingPrecision-> to say 50 or 60

3) I am running more and more into "computational" issues with Mathematica. Mostly on mathematically "stiff" problems, where the numbers get larger very fast, and very small numbers do occur as well. Mostly with added summation terms, NDSolve, For loops, etc. What is a good resource to read-up on resolving these "numerical computations" issues. The mathemica references have little useful info on this that I could find, and no webinar to address, teach on this important topic.

4) I ma getting ready to start using COMSOL as a platform for computations, do similar issues occur with that software as well (ill be using it with a Workstation)?

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