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10/14/10 06:35am

Good Afternoon,
I have been trying to use MIDI in mathematica.
I can play single notes with this
Sound[SoundNote[#, 1.75, "Trumpet"] & /@ {0, 7, 12}]
I can play chords using this other:
SoundNote[{-12, 0, 3, 7, 12, 15}, 2.2, "Trumpet"]}
So the syntax is

SoundNote[Note or {chord}, duration, "Instrument"]}.

But how can i do if i want to play for example note 60, hold it, and play, for example after one second, note 61 olding note 60?

Like in the second measure here:

Must i use different voices? Or there is a different way?

Thank you

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