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10/22/10 11:23pm

Why will Mathematica not simplify:

FullSimplify[a*Conjugate[b] + b*Conjugate[a]]



FullSimplify has some amazing capabilities, and has helped me greatly with my endeavors. However, I have 4 sets of 4 rather messy coupled equations (Solving the Dirac Equation) and FullSimplify has left me with quite a few expressions of the form:
a*Conjugate[b] + b*Conjugate[a]
but not that nice. They are more like:
(q1 - I q2)/(I q0 + Sqrt[-q0^2 + q1^2 + q2^2 + q3^2]) + (
Conjugate[q1] + I Conjugate[q2])/(-I Conjugate[q0] +
Conjugate[Sqrt[-q0^2 + q1^2 + q2^2 + q3^2]])

If you take a quick glance at this, it is obvious it can be simplified further, but I cannot firgure out how to get Mathematica to recognize this.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback!

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