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Janice Robertson
06/07/99 8:06pm


I am trying to solve a system of non-linear differential equations in Mathematica, but I am encoutering a multitude of problems and error messages.

I have tried to enter it as follows:

sol1 = NDSolve[{v'[t]==(-1/c) (ina[t] +ik1[v] +ist),
{v[0]==-80, m[0]==0, h[0]==1, j[0]==1},
{v[t], m[t], h[t], j[t]}, {t, 0, 100}]

where c, and ist are constants, and ik1, a[m, h, j], b[m, h, j] are elaborate functions which depend on v, and ina requires the solutions of m, h, and j (implying that v does as well).

The error message that I receive when I enter it exactly as above is:

NDSolve::dsfun : v[0]==-80 cannot be used as a function.

I was wondering if I entered to equations incorrectly, or maybe earlier in the program, I defined v as a function already.

Could anybody please suggest some possibilities of solving these equations.


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