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11/27/10 10:43am

I'm trying to do something which I'm sure has a very simple solution but for some reason I just can't make it work.

I have a function in 3 variables, like
f[x,y,z]=expression in terms of x,y,z. I want to plot the solution to f[x,y,z]==0 in the {y,z} plane for a given value of x.

I'm trying to leave out extraneous detail, but some points worth mentioning are (1) I'm going to need to do this for a range of values of x, using Manipulate. (2) f[x,y,z]==0 isn't easily reducible to an equation with z on the LHS and everything else on the right, (3) in case you're curious, f[x,y,z]==0 describes one nullcline for a set of differential equations, so basically by fixing the value of x I am looking at one slice of the nullcline in 2-D, and (4) I actually have 3 such nullclines, and my goal is to find EPs, i.e. points where they all intersect. (Again, Solve doesn't work because the equations aren't algebraically reducible. FindRoot works, but I need a good starting guess, and I want to use the above method to make sure I haven't missed anything.)

Thanks in advance!

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