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Janice Robertson
06/14/99 10:25pm

I have a system of coupled differential equations:


where ina = constant*h[t]*j[t]*m[t]^3*(v[t]-constant) and
ik1 is an equation which depends on v[t]. All of the a and b variables are also equations which depend on v[t].
I was able to set up and solve the equations to produce interpolating fuctions which can be graphed against t. The problem that i am faced with now is that I need to be able to produce solutions of m, h, and j that can be graphed against v.
I am also having a problem where the differential equations of h'[t] and j'[t] are not continuous, but piecewise and the equations for a and b change after a certain v is reached.
Is there a way that I can arrange the equations such that they are in terms of v[t] and t?

I thank you so much for your help :)

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