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Chris Scheu
06/17/99 6:01pm

I have two questions on Mathematica 3.0:
1. When I plot, the axes do not appear. I cannot figure out how to get them to show up. I have used Axes->True, PltoRange-{{}{}}, and AxesLabel->{'''',''''} etc, but the axes and scale will not show up. Did they get turned off somehow?

2. How can I get Mathematica to write a table of data to a space delimited text file so that I may plot the data in other programs such as Excel or MatLab?

Chris Scheu
Virginia Tech Mechanical Engineering Student

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2 questions Chris Scheu 06/17/99 6:01pm
Re: 2 questions P.J. Hinton 06/20/99 3:08pm
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