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12/27/10 00:24am

I'm very new to the Mathematica interface, and therefore still have some very basic questions. I'm currently attempting to construct an interactive model of several parametric equations.

My goal is to model the path of two projectiles, one originating from the left side of a two dimensional plane, and the other originating from the right. I would like to be able to set the angle of projection and initial velocity of each projectile as controllable variables. (This model will neglect the effects of air resistance.) Finally, I would like to model the distance between the two projectiles as a coloured line segment, which would help to illustrate the point at which the two projectiles are closest as a function of time.

How would I go about making an interactive parametric model? Whenever I attempt to use the Manipulate command to create a variable controlled by a sliding bar, the model fails. In addition, would I be able to model two different sets of parametric equations (i.e. for the two projectiles) within the same plane?

I understand the maths behind this demonstration are extremely simple, but it is the execution of the model within Mathematica which I am finding difficult.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I understand this explanation may appear quite confusing, so please ask for any clarification.

Cheers, and happy Christmas.

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