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Ulrich T. Schwarz
06/20/99 4:07pm

To get I color chart for density plots, I used the following command under mathematica for windows:


In the linux version this RasterArray with one row but many columns did not work. I had to make a RasterArray with at least three rows to produce output. Try the following with different number of steps in {j,1,3}:


On my computer (Redhat Linux 6.0) it produced a beep. Changing the second index to {j,1,4} produced the same result, as it used under windows. Bug or feature?


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bug in RasterArray on linux version? Ulrich T. Sc... 06/20/99 4:07pm
Re: bug in RasterArray on linux version? P.J. Hinton 06/29/99 09:19am
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