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01/07/11 2:48pm

hi everyone,

I have Mathematica version 8. I need to figure out the frequency of years that Passover (a Jewish holiday) falls out on Saturday. It's not for homework but just for my own interest. According to the Mathematica program help, the code to figure out what day of the week Passover falls out in the Gregorian Calendar (the one we use today) is as follows:

DayOfWeek[CalendarChange[{First[CalendarChange[{year,4,1},Gregorian,Jewish]],1, 15},Jewish,Gregorian]]

Is there any way to rewrite this code in Mathematica to find what I am looking for? I would like to be able to enter a range of years and have Mathematica tell me that Passover falls out x number of times on Saturdays. For example, the range from 2010 to 2011 would produce a frequency of 0 because in both years the holiday does not fall out on Saturday.

Please help!!

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