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Jesenka Usanovic
02/24/11 04:07am

I have written a program, which would work, but for this one thing, where I have no idea, how to manage. I would be very happy, if someone could give me a hint.
I have a list of elements
a4 = (np)^2
and I've put all 83 elements in a list called a.

than, later on, I must use these elements in a calculation, where the come out as combinations of nn, nm, np,...and I would like to assign these automatically to their values. it works with the replacement, or I thought so, but it comes something really strange as a result. so I think it is not possible to do it that way.the main point is: there come factors nm, nm, nm*np,...and all permutations, BUT nm, when it stands alone is not the same nm, when it is in nm*np combination. all these factors are one element of the list a, I only don't know, how to tell the computer this thind:)
I hope very much, that someone could help me.

thank you anyway.

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