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02/25/11 05:08am

I'm currently trying to "translate" the Orbits Aroung Schwarzschild Black Holes ( ) into Maple. I don't actually have a copy of Mathematica, and I'm unfamiliar with the most of the syntax, but I can figure a lot out with the help of the Mathematica Documentation.

However, due to being unable to search for special characters, I've kind of hit a dead end, and can't figure out what a number of things do. If anyone could help, it would be very much appreciated.

First of all, when it defines the domain as r/.anOrbitSolution[[1,1]], what does this actually mean? I know the "r/.anOrbitSolution" part takes out the value of r from anOrbitSolution, but I can't work out what the last part does. Double brackets have something to do with lists, don't they? Likewise in the function 'timeDilation'.

Secondly, What does [end] signify, again like in 'timeDilation'. Is it the last value of t in anOrbitSolution, i.e. t(pT)?

Thanks alot.

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