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02/28/11 09:15am


I would like to be able to determine all the possible settings for a given option without having to manually look them up in the documentation.

For example, the function "FindFit" has an option called "Method" which may have any one of the following values:


with the default value being Automatic. I obtained the option values for "FindFit" by looking at its documentation under "More Information". I can use

OptionValue[FindFit, Method]

to get the default option value for "Method", which happens to be Automatic. Moreover,


gives a list of all of the options under the message FindFit::bdmtd (where "bdmtd" presumably means "bad method"). Unfortunately, "FullDefinition" does not provide the same level of detail for all functions. For example,


does not give the "Method" option values of "NRoots" which are "Aberth",
"CompanionMatrix", "JenkinsTraub", and Automatic.


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