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01/17/13 11:22am

I'm trying to take very large amounts data from several files and pull them into Mathematia to calculate means, and standard deviation, and to graph this information. The file format for these files is MI70 (*.m70). I wrote a program in java which will read these files and convert them into CSV files in hopes to import the CSV files into Mathematica.

Originally I would use the terminal window to run my java program on each MI70 file one by one. I've changed the program so that it first reads a text file (which has the MI70 file name followed by the desired new CSV file name on the same line) and then converts all the MI70 files at once. This works fine when run from the terminal window.

I have code in Mathematica which takes a list of old file names and new file names and spits out the corresponding text file that my java program reads. After this I InstallJava and load the appropriate java classes without a problem, but when I call my java class in Mathematica it shows (No such file or directory) on the java console window. The text file, java class, and notebook are all in the same directory though.

I assume this is because the class is not running from the same directory it is located in but where the Mathematica Kernel is running from? Any suggestions on how to read the text file?

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(No such file or directory) Problems with J/Link JD 01/17/13 11:22am
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