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03/30/11 04:14am

Hi everyone,

I am trying to color a ListPlot3D Landscape according to one of the three values. I'm loading a n x m Matrix and plotting it as to n->X-axis, m->y-Axis, FieldValue->z-Axis.

Now, what I want to do is to color everything in a gradient according to the z-Axis value. The gradient should go from green to red. Only tricky part (or at least the one, I don't get, since I'm merely a rookie using mathematica) is that the gradient should be limited to z-values inbetween 1 and 3, everything above 3 should be just red.

I'd be thrilled about any suggestions as to how to solve this one.

Kind regards,


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Coloring plotted 3D Landscape Max 03/30/11 04:14am
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