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03/30/11 1:51pm

I need to solve the following equation for W as a function of t:
c1*t == c2 - c3 - h*Log[(h + c2)/(h + c3)], where
c1 = Dw*S/rho/h
c2 = (3*Wo/(4*Nm*\[Pi]*rho))^(1/3)
c3 = (3*W/(4*Nm*\[Pi]*rho))^(1/3)

If I specify a value for t and a starting value for W, then I get a solution that appears to be correct using FindRoot. For example:

In[]:=FindRoot[c1*30 == c2 - c3 - h*Log[(h + c2)/(h + c3)], {W, 0.0025}]
Out[]:={W -> 0.00248335}

That is great, but what I can't figure out is how to generate a plot of W versus t for different values of t, say from t = 0 to 1000. Is there a way to do that? I tried solving the equation using NSolve and plotting that, but the values it gives are incorrect. Thanks.

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FindRoot - generating a plot Deanna 03/30/11 1:51pm
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