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03/31/11 11:10am

hey everybody,

i am having a small problem and hope that you can help me...

I am trying to generate variable automatically in a for-loop.
I try to gain sth. like: sumA, sumB, sumC, sumD...

->well I can put those variables together by "sum"<>"A"; "sum"<>"B",...
and i can do so within a loop by using "sum"<>FromCharacterCode[{i}] instead of A,B,C...

but how can i use that string as a variable?

I am aiming to generate the variables within a for-loop and set a value for each one at the same time...

is there anybody with a good idea???


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automatic variables ike 03/31/11 11:10am
Re: automatic variables Patrick 03/31/11 2:19pm
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