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obtaining the solution data
01/17/13 7:49pm

I got a function from another group and used it in my code. the function is:
I can set up and execute and then plot it's input and outputs as follow:

sol = simulateRxnsysWithSchedule[dnasys, {
{270, 1.0, 0},{4700, .7, -5}}, {X, Y}];
Plot[{#[t] /. sol & /@ {X, Y}}, {t, 1, 1000}]

But I don't know how can I access the numerical values of Y and X.

I mean I can plot X and Y but I can't list them in an array. I have not access to code inside the function " simulateRxnsysWithSchedule".
Can you help me please?

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accessing the data of a function obtaining th... 01/17/13 7:49pm
Re: accessing the data of a function jf 01/18/13 09:34am
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