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Scott Newby
04/25/99 1:55pm

I am trying to evaluate the inverse laplace transform of s/(s^2+6s+10)^2. I believe the answer is -1/3Exp(-3t)*1/2Sin(t) and was trying to check it. I entered
\!\(<< Calculus`InverseLaplaceTransform`\ [s\/\((s\^2 + 6 s + 10)\)\^2, \ s,
\ t]\)
Get::''noopen'': ''Cannot open \!\(\''Calculus`InverseLaplaceTransform`\''\).''
\!\($Failed[s\/\((s\^2 + 6\ s + 10)\)\^2, s, t]\)

and get the above error message. I would appreciate it if someone could explain to me how to evaluate this expression. Thank you.


Scott Newby

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Inverse Laplace Transform Scott Newby 04/25/99 1:55pm
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