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04/29/11 11:37am


I'm trying to use code provided from a journal article to estimate variance around the dominant eigenvalue of a matrix. The code is from 2007 and I am trying to use version 8.0 to run it.

The code calls on the LinearAlgebra library. When I try to do this I get a file not found error. Can someone tell me 1) How to determine if that file is just missing and needs to be installed or 2)If the name has changed and how I should initialize it now? The help files onthe wolfram site make it seem as if LinearAlgebra has been replaced.

Any info or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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version 8.0, library change question, help Dave 04/29/11 11:37am
Re: version 8.0, library change question, help Forum Moder... 04/30/11 1:12pm
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