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04/29/11 12:08pm

Hello all,

I have a system of equations similar to a multi species lotka volterra model. I mathematically find that it exists one periodic solution. Now I would like to visualize that equilibrium and I have no idea how to do that. I am currently just trying to let the system evolves to eventually reach equilibrium (using the function Do[]) and then just plot that but it does not seem to work. I started yesterday and it is still running.
If anyone can tell me if there is an easy way I would really appreciate.

The system look like that:

x1[t+1]=x1[t] Exp [ b1-a1*x1[t]-e1*y[t]) that repeated for n different species x2,x3,x4.... xn
y[t+1] = y[t] Exp[ sum(d1*xt[t], d2*x2[t]..dn*xn[t]) - h*y[t]-r]

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