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05/26/11 4:56pm


I'm working with other people on a project using large mathematica files (probably ~100 pages long if it was printed out). Because of this i make extensive use of the "find and replace" tool to navigate the document. I have two questions:

One of my colleagues unfortunately named a variable "d", making it impossible to directly search for that variable (without turning up every d in the file). Is there any way to search for a variable only? I know mathematica has some pretty nifty search functions, but i haven't found anything that would do that.

Sometimes the case insensitive search function does not find an expression that's in the document. However, if I modify the search to make sure the case matches what I'm searching, the search will find it. So for example, let's say I'm looking for "Bat". If i do a case insensitive search for "bat", it won't find it, but if i do a (still case insensitive) search for "Bat", it will. this doesn't happen for me for the smaller sized documents, and it only happens in the larger documents if I'm "very far" from the searched term(say, i'm looking at the bottom of the document and the terms are at the top). Has anyone encountered this issue?


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