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Deep Bose
05/27/11 09:29am

hi every1,
i have noticed that the Plot n Plot3d function reproduces a graph in which by default x-axis n z axis spaces are far too much,compared to the y-axis.
even though i havnt mentioned any unit for the scales y does this happen?what i need is a square graph sheet or rather, the ability to control the unit attaching the notebook file , in which u will see that the first circle(2D) is flattened along the y-axis, but after manipulation with the Plotrange func. a "circular" circle(2D) is obtainable(which is the second plot).this method is outrageously vague n is more like a hit n try thing.if there exists a method that is more perfect n precise, i would really like to know.
thank you in advance for your time.

Attachment: circle n tube.nb, URL: ,

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