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05/29/11 8:01pm

I am trying to solve a system of 6 first-order ODEs. I also have 6 simple initial conditions. My input is:

qq = {I*c1'[t] ==
c2[t]*u1*Exp[-I*w*t] + c3[t]*u2 + c4[t]*u3 + c5[t]*u4*Exp[I*w*t],
I*c2'[t] == (c1[t] + c6[t])*u1*Exp[I*w*t],
I*c3'[t] == c1[t]*u2 + c6[t]*u3, I*c4'[t] == c1[t]*u3 + c6[t]*u2,
I*c5'[t] == (c1[t] + c6[t])*u4*Exp[-I*w*t],
I*c6'[t] ==
c2[t]*u1*Exp[-I*w*t] + c3[t]*u3 + c4[t]*u2 + c5[t]*u4*Exp[I*w*t],
c1[0] == 0, c2[0] == 1/2, c3[0] == 1/2, c4[0] == 1/2, c5[0] == 1/2,
c6[0] == 0};

DSolve[qq, {c1[t], c2[t], c3[t], c4[t], c5[t], c6[t]}, t]

The output is EXACTLY the same as In[2]. I tried removing the nonexponentiated imaginary number "I"'s, but the result is the same.

No error, nothing, just the input back. Is this a bug? Any idea what I'm doing wrong, or why it won't evaluate it?

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