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01/18/13 7:48pm

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have a problem with Contour Plot. I can Plot the x Axis versus the y Axis -> x,y; and in 3D I can also plot x,y,z, but I need a 2D Plot plotting x,z or y,z, which does not work. The code is in 2D and 3D

ContourPlot[v == ai*t, {R,0,1}, {v,0,1}];
ContourPlot3D[v == ai*t, {R,0,1}, {v,0,1}, {t,0,1}]

but I cannot define R ant t as axes in 2D, only R and v. Why ? Notebook attached, thankful for help.

Attachment: solarsail.nb, URL:,
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