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07/25/11 8:14pm

I have this:
wn = \[Pi]^2/L^2 Sqrt[EI/Subscript[m,
t]] (n^4 + (n^2 T L^2)/(\[Pi]^2 EI))^(1/2)

Simplify[Limit[wn, T -> 0], {L > 0, n \[Element] Integers, EI >= 0, n > 0}]

I get this:

(\[Pi]^2 Sqrt[(EI n^4)/Subscript[m, t]])/L^2.

Question: How can I get n^4 out of Sqrt and get Pi^2 divided by L^2 like this:
(\[Pi]^2 n^2)/L^2 Sqrt[(EI )/Subscript[m, t]]


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