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07/27/11 09:22am


I have to resolve an equation with a generalized laguerre polynomial.

I wrote the parameters in mathematica and i tried to use Solve and Nsolve in order to resolve it.

Here is my code :

NSolve[( 1 - t (k*l^2/R) )*
LaguerreL[( (k^2*l^2/2) - (m + 1)), m, R^2/(2*l^2)] +
LaguerreL[( (k^2*l^2/2) - (m + 2)), m + 1, R^2/(2*l^2)] == 0, k]

And it answers :

NSolve::nsmet: This system cannot be solved with the methods available to NSolve.

How can i solve this equation ?

Thanks ;)

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