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07/31/11 7:54pm

Hi List.

This is my first attempt at using Mathematica. I want it to plot and simply complicated expressions.

If I define a function, MyM:

A = 1
B = .5
T = 10
MyM[t_] :=
exp[Integrate[(2 + sin[s]), {s, 0, t}]] -
2 (1 - exp[-B*t])/{2 *(1 - exp[-B*T]) + A*B}

Then the command:


succeeds, so Mathematica understands what the function is.

But I cannot plot this function or get a numerical estimate. I.e. The command:


Gives me an error:

"NIntegrate::inumr: "The integrand 2+sin[s] has evaluated to non-numerical values for all sampling points in the region with boundaries {{0,3}}. "

I've tried to replace the variable integration endpoint with integration over a constant region:

MyM[t_] :=
exp[Integrate[Boole[s < t]*(2 + sin[s]), {s, 0, T}]] -
2 (1 - exp[-B*t])/{2 *(1 - exp[-B*T]) + A*B}

But this also fails with the same error.

Any ideas on how I can plot or evaluate this function?

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