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Dustin Wheeler
08/15/11 09:48am

I have a Mathematica notebook with a series of variable assignments in the initialization part of it. When I first created the notebook, it ran flawlessly (at least, the initialization did!). After saving, quitting, and restarting, one of the variables refuses to assign. I 'Evaluate Notebook', and the program chokes up when it gets to a point where that variable is called for. No error message results from the evaluation of that line, but it doesn't produce an output either.

Note: if I change the line (i.e. add a ";" at the end) and then evaluate, it seems to work fine. If the notebook is saved this way, I must change the line again the next time I open it.

I've attached the initialization portion of the notebook, the final output should be -3.53504*10^6.

Is this an issue with using sub-scripted variables? The issue doesn't seem to occur with the \mu_B versus \mu_0 which is also present in that sequence…

Thank you!

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