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08/21/11 07:23am

As a practice I wanted to myltiply two matrices in parallel, (I know that built in functions are the fastest way). However I have written a code and divided the matrices into some parts and by using "ParallelEvaluate" I gave these different parts to different kernels to multiply each part. Infact each kernel did this but not simeltaneously, I mean "first kernel" did its task then next and.... my question is that: How can I tell Mathematica that use several kernels simeltaneously when I don't use built in functions and I used "ParallelEvaluate[cmd, kernelno]" instead.
The scheme of code is:
ParallelEvaluate[Part1, kernel[[1]]]
ParallelEvaluate[Part2, kernel[[2]]]

the main matrices are divide to part1, part2,....

Thanks for any help and guidances

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