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08/28/11 7:10pm

Dear Yehuda,

I have now revised the code to the best I could, so far, as per your previous suggestions.

For your information, there are only two main variables in the code, namely, m and n. for DO and EO, both matrices are changing when m and n changes. This is because DO and EO are depending on the counters of m and n.

Iam pretty sure that the code can be further improved but I have no idea how.

Back to my question, that is why Iam getting different results from Do-Loop against running the code individually.

If you need further details on the process of creating the codes such as the flowchart, descriptions / notes regarding some explanation about the steps involved, I would be really happy to forward to you. This is because that majority of the formulations are repetitive. or else we could further communicate at

I really really need your help please.

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