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08/30/11 02:40am


I have two coupled differential equations, for which I would like to derive the parameter values by fitting them on a data set.

The differential equations have the following form:

x1'[t] = -k1*x1[t]
x2'[t] = k2*x1[t]-k3*x2[t]/(k4+x2[t])

The experimental time-series data has the following form
t= {0,1,4,8,12,24}
x1 = {10,9,5,3,1,.1}
x2 = {2,4,5,7,9.1,11}

The examples I can find with FindFit are aimed at a single differential equation, so I was wondering how I can assign the data to the corresponding state variable and perform a parameter estimation to get an estimate for parameters k1, k2, k3 and k4.

It would help me a lot.

Many thanks in advance,

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