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09/09/11 02:27am

I am new to mathematica and I see numerical noise while doing Trigonometric Integration. What would be the best way to avoid the unnecessary terms?

In[38]:= Integrate[(0.5*(Sin[s/R])^3 - Sin[s/R]*(Cos[s/R])^2)/R^2, {s,
0, s}]

Out[38]= (
2.77556*10^-17 - 0.5 Cos[s/R] + 1.66533*10^-16 Cos[s/R]^2 +
0.5 Cos[s/R]^3)/R

The the above case terms 2.77556*10^-17 and 1.66533*10^-16 Cos[s/R]^2 should not have been there.

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