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M Belevich
09/10/11 12:06pm


please help me with three little problems.

1) How to cancel common factors in expressions which include Sum[...] and Integrate[...]? My particular expression is like this one

Sum[a*f[k], {k, 0, K}]/a

Simplify and FullSimplify don't work.

2) How to simplify the following expression with DiracDelta

Sum[DiracDelta[j - k]*f[k], {k, -K, K}]

and to get f[j].

3) How to substitute Integrate[Sum[...]] for Sum[Integrate[...]] in this simple example


in order to obtain


I would be grateful for any help.

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Cancel common factors M Belevich 09/10/11 12:06pm
Re: Cancel common factors jf 09/10/11 4:40pm
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