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09/15/11 11:02am

I am trying to plot: Ln[x^2-6]-Ln[x] over x, -5 to 5. I know the function is not defined for x<SQRT[6](square root of 6). When specifying the PLOT range as [-5,5] I expect Mathematica not to chart anything below x<SQRT[6], but it does. My sintax is:

Plot[{Log[x^2 - 6] - Log[x]}, {x, -5, 5}]. I guess there should be some way to tell Mathematica to only plot the real part of a chart, to exclude any imaginary portion. Does such parameter exist, and what is it? Obviously, I could do it manually by restricting the range, but I am using mathematica as a discovery tool to confirm what I do manually.


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