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09/16/11 00:15am


I am really novice at both Mathematica and the theory behind this...

I am trying to implement a sort of shooting method I came across in a paper. I have attached the notebook. I am trying to solve a third order ODE where I only know the asymptotic solution.

I get the following error:
The method given in Method -> NDSolve`Shooting is only for equation processing and is not a time-stepping method. >>

If I take out the Method->... from NDSolve it executes with no errors.

Simply put, I know that for large x, the solution is exp(-p2*x) where p2 is 4 + 0.5*gamma and gamma is a parameter I am interested in. The DE involves the parameter gamma. The unknown function is a function of x and gamma. Basically, I am trying to integrate out x and solve for gamma using FindRoot.

The attached notebook has all the work. It executes but I know the graph it is giving me is incorrect. Is there anything I need to know about trying to implement this shooting method with NDSolve?

I can be more specific if need be.


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